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Weather Report  

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Snowmobile Trail Report - 2/21/18

All trails are open and they are in good to excellent condition with ongoing trail grooming. The trails received a couple inches of fresh snow Monday.  The snow base may be thin or there may be bare spots on trails near towns, in open areas, and at road crossings; road routes may be bare.  Detailed reports from snowmobile club trail reporters are posted below upon receipt.

Some Price County trails are on private land. The use of the private land is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. Please stay on marked trails, especially across fields. There have been many complaints from landowners due to snowmobilers not staying on the trail and riding all over their fields. To avoid having these TRAILS CLOSED, PLEASE respect the private land that is open to snowmobiling and stay on marked trails.

Several miles of trail are open for winter ATV and UTV riding including the Flambeau Trail System, Solberg Trail, and Georgetown Trail. The Price County portion of the Pine Line Rail Trail (Prentice to Ogema), Snowmobile Trail 189 (Ogema to Timm’s Hill), and Snowmobile Trails 116, 181 and 118 (Prentice area loop) are also open to winter ATV and UTV riding when the trail is officially open to snowmobile use and the temperature is  28 degrees or colder.

Bushbenders (Prentice, Brantwood, Ogema, and Spirit areas / southeast Price County) - 02/19/18 - Trails in southern eastern Price County are holding up good. There are icy corners and some of the gravel roads are becoming bare; but overall the trails are in very good condition. With the expected snowfall, I feel the trails will groom out very nice and it will help eliminate some of the icy corners. Have fun and drive safe!  P.S. Please stay on the trails, especially across the fields where they are marked "Stay on Trail". We have had a lot of complaints by landowners because of snowmobiles not staying on the trail and riding all over their fields, which can damage their crops.

Bushwackers (east of Park Falls & Fifield / north central Price County) - 02/21/18 - The trails were groomed today and they are in excellent condition. Please drive safely and watch for groomers on tight trails.  

Chaparrals (city of Phillips and south on Trail #102 / east of Phillips - Trails 12 & 173) - 02/21/18 -
Trail #102 south of Phillips was groomed today and it is in excellent condition.

Driftsplitters (Catawba-Kennan area / southwest Price County) - 02/21/18 -
All trails are being groomed twice a week and they are in good condition. Logging continues on Trail 94, Trail 86, Trail 80 just north of Intersection 100, and two areas on Trail 181, both east of Intersection 100. Also, there is a section of Trail 94 that may be icy due to water flowing from the cranberry bog on occasion.

Elk River Pioneers (Soo Lake area / west central Price County) - 02/21/18 - The trails are groomed and in good condition; a little icy in spots ! We need snow.

Lugerville Chasers (west of Phillips / west central Price County) - 02/20/18 - All of our trails are in excellent condition and they are being groomed twice a week. The trail base is thin and/or icy on some corners.  Please use caution on Trail 88 between Crane Chase Road and Soo Lake as there is a logging operation in progress and there may logging equipment & trucks on the trail throughout the snowmobile season. 

Northwoods Hi-Riders (Solberg Lake area / northeast of Phillips / central Price County) - 02/20/18We have a mixed bag for our Solberg Lake area trail report. Trails in the woods continue to be in good to very good condition, but some corners may be icy and there may be a few sections of brown snow. We could have used a couple of more inches of new snow. Trails in some open areas and road crossings may have bare spots and/or brown snow. Trails using road ways will be pretty bare, so some ditch riding may be needed. But all in all trails are very rideable and are being groomed so everyone should stick to their plans and go riding.   

Sno-Drovers (northeast Price County / Pike Lake area) – 02/19/18 - The Sno Drovers' trails are all in good to very good condition, although the snow is still a bit thin.  As always, a few spots have gravel that has made it way to the top of the snow, specifically on 101 west of the Pike Lake Chain area. All trails are being groomed. Some icy conditions can be expected, especially in the Wintergreen Hills between the Highway 70 parking lot and Wintergreen Road on Trail 101.  All other trails are relatively flat with good snow cover.   

Sno-Gypsies (west of Park Falls / Tuscobia / northwest Price County) - 02/21/18 - The Tuscobia and all of Trail #111 is in excellent condition.  The rest of the trails are in very good to good condition; there are some icy corners.  Use caution on Trail #89 as there is an active logging operation in progress.

Cross-Country Ski, Snowshoe, Skijor & Fat Tire Bike Trail Report - 2/21/18

The trails are 100% open and in excellent to very good condition.  The trails received a couple inches of fresh snow Monday. Detailed reports from silent sports trail reporters are posted below upon receipt.  
Only cross-country skiers are allowed to use the groomed/tracked portions of the winter silent sports trails. Other recreational users (snowshoe, skijor, and fat tire bike) are welcome to use the portion of trail that is not groomed/tracked. Activities vary by trail. 

High Point Trail - (classic xc-ski, snowshoe, skijor & fat tire bike) - 02/08/18 - The trail was groomed and tracked Thursday and it is in excellent condition. For information on lighted night skiing, call 715-767-5287.

Holy Cross Trail - (classic xc-ski, snowshoe, skijor & fat tire bike) - 02/19/18 - I plan on grooming the trail by Wednesday 2/21/18.  02/08/18 - I groomed and tracked Holy Cross ski trail yesterday.  The trail is in excellent condition, get out and enjoy our beautiful trails! There is room to the side of the classic track for snowshoers and fat tire bikers.

Newman Springs Trail - (classic xc-ski, snowshoe, & fat tire bike) – 02/06/18 -  The cross-country ski trail’s loops A, D and E were groomed and tracked. Loops A and E are both in great shape for classic cross-country skiing.  Due to conditions on D, the track is shallow in some spots, but still in good condition for skiing. The base on the trail is roughly 9 inches, with 16 inches of snow in the woods. Cold temperatures are forecasted for tonight; the trail should set up really firm. Snowshoe and fat tire bike enthusiasts are welcome to use the portion of trail to the side of the set ski tracks.   

Palmquist Farm - (skate & classic xc-ski, snowshoe, & skijor) - 02/21/18 - The trails are in near perfect condition, with tracks set on one side and skate skiing on the other.  Call us if you have questions, 715-564-2558.

Phillips School Forest Trail - (Skate & Classic XC-Ski Trail) - 02/20/18 - The trail was groomed and tracked this morning; the conditions are very good. Snowshoe & Fat Bike Trail - 02/21/18 - We were lucky to get a little bit of snow along with the freezing rain which kept the trails in great shape. We biked and snowshoed the trails Tuesday morning and found a rock solid base with 1/2" of fresh snow on top, no grooming needed. Get out an enjoy them while you can!  Snow depth off the trail in the woods is 15"+.  

Squaw Creek / Solberg Lake Trail - (classic xc-ski, snowshoe, skijor & fat tire bike) - 02/19/18 - The trail and track are in good shape; firm and fast.  If we get several inches of new snow, the trail will be groomed and tracked on Wed. or Thurs., Feb. 21 or 22. 

Timm's Hill Trail - (skate & classic xc-ski, snowshoe, skijor, & fat tire bike) - 02/05/18 - The trail was groomed and tracked on 2/4/18 and it is in excellent condition with a 12 inch base and 4 inches of new snow Saturday 02/03/18.

Wintergreen Trail - (skate & classic xc-ski, snowshoe, & fat tire bike) - 02/20/18 - Wintergreen was groomed and tracked. We received 1” of fresh snow on Monday, with a little sleet mixed in on top. It groomed out really well for skate skiers. The track for classic skiing is a little shallow in spots, but overall it’s in good condition as well. With the Birkie this weekend, now’s the time to get those last minute workouts in! The base on the trails is about 9” with 15” in the woods.  Enjoy the trails now while you can as spring is right around the corner, I’ve been noticing an increase in wildlife tracks in the woods the last week or so. Trail users are asked to please be mindful of walking on the trail when it is warm out and the trail is soft. Leaving deep foot prints and post holes can make skiing difficult for other users.

Flambeau Hills Trail - (skate & classic xc-ski) 02/15/18 - The trail is in good condition and snow is in the forecast. The Birkebeiner, held in Hayward, is February 24, 2018 and there is always an increased amount of use on the Flambeau Trail for folks that are preparing for the competition.

ATV, UTV & Off-Road Motorcycle Trail Report - 2/21/18

Price County Highway routes are closed October 16 to May 14. Municipality (city and town) routes and trails remain open year-round.  
  • Flambeau Trail System (70 miles) ~ OPEN May 1 through March 15 - This trail is shared with snowmobile riders. In the winter, the trail system is maintained by the Bushwackers and the Sno-Drovers snowmobile clubs. Please see their snowmobile trail report above. 
  • Solberg Trail (9.5 miles) ~ OPEN May 1 through March 15 - Repairs are being made on the bridges. The trail remains open and can be ridden. The trail is not groomed on a regular basis during the winter.     
  • Georgetown Trail (18.8 miles)OPEN May 15 through March 15 - The trail is in good condition. The trail is not groomed on a regular basis during the winter.
  • Pine Line / Price-Taylor Rail Trail/Prentice Area ~ OPEN with temperature restrictions -  When officially open to snowmobile use, and when the temperature is 28 degrees or colder, the Price County portion of the Pine Line Rail Trail (Prentice to Ogema), Snowmobile Trail 189 (Ogema to Timm’s Hill), and Snowmobile Trails 116, 181 and 118 (Prentice area loop) are open to winter ATV and UTV riding. The Taylor County portion of the Pine Line, south of Price County, may also be open. Click here to find Taylor County contact information. 
  • Tuscobia  State Trail (64 miles) ~ CLOSED in Price County - The Price County section of trail will reopen on April 16, 2018 for the spring/summer/fall season. From Park Falls west to the Price County line, the trail is closed to ATV and UTV use in the winter.  The trail may be open in counties to our west. Click here to view the communities along the trail and then click on the community name to find their contact information.  
  • Flambeau River State Forest Trail (38 miles)CLOSED - The trail is closed to ATV and UTV use for the winter. It will reopen on May 15, 2018 for the spring/summer/fall season.  

DNR Fishing Report - 2/19/18

With ice thickness 24 inches or greater in many areas and not too much snow cover on the lakes, many anglers have been taking advantage of the nicer weather we have been experiencing. Fishing action has been fair this past week for all species. Walleyes have been hitting in 5-12 feet of water on tip ups with medium golden shiners working best. The best bite has been right at dusk. Panfish anglers are catching perch jigging and on tip downs over mud flats in 10-20 feet of water. Rosie reds on tip downs have been the best bait and spoons tipped with wax worms are working for those jigging. Crappies are still being found roaming in schools over the deep water. Anglers that are punching a bunch of holes area able to keep moving and find active fish. Northern pike action remains fair near weed beds. Tip-ups with large shiners set about 12 inches below the ice are providing some action. The end of gamefish season is getting near (March 4th) so get out and enjoy the ice and the warm weather forecasted for the next week!

Guide Fishing Reports

2/19/18 - Anglers in our area may have completely different stories when talking about last week’s success. Walleye activity has really slowed but fishing peak times can really make the difference. Put together a major lunar period, sunset and a storm front and you may find yourself patting yourself on the back!! Anglers needed at least two out of three to put some fish on the ice. Walleyes were located on breaks in 9-12 feet of water. They are hitting baits with a very light bite and are not moving much after taking baits. Shiners were working the best. Northern pike activity has also slowed but fish continue to take sucker minnows off shallow flats during day light hours. Crappie action has picked up. Fish are suspended on deep mud basins. Some nice size crappies were caught this past week on a variety of plastics and jig styles. The key is to find a fish or two and move with the school. They do spook easily, but the big girls are starting to show up. Good Luck Fishing, Joe Brezinski, Northland Guide Service

DNR Outdoor Report - 2/20/18
Preliminary recommendations for 2018 antlerless quotas to be developed at March County Deer Advisory Council meetings - County Deer Advisory Councils will begin spring meetings in mid-March to start the antlerless harvest quota and permit-setting process for the 2018 deer seasons. Various deer season structure options for each county will also be discussed by councils.

Flambeau River State Forest Outdoor Report - 02/21/18 -  Logging operations on the Forest are going full speed ahead.  Conditions are perfect for good logging practices and loggers are working diligently to get as much done before break-up. We have a snow covered world around us here at the Flambeau River State Forest and more snow in the forecast. The deer and elk are conserving their energy and aggressively browsing in the logging areas. Many of the loggers and Forest staff are viewing groups of deer and elk daily and it’s a thrill for them to view the majestic bulls that wander in. Activities of bobcats, otters, turkeys, grouse and birdlife galore seems to have picked up in the warmer temperatures. Ravens and eagles are actively courting in February and the Great Horned owls are making their nests now. Usually by early to mid-March there are owlets in the nests. Wolves and coyotes are mating. Days are noticeably getting longer and when you are out of the wind, the February sun feels warmer. Take time and quietly go out and see the splendor that winter offers. It is amazing out there and we are so lucky to be part of it.

Check on burning and campfire restrictions on the WI DNR website at

Fall Color 

Peak color in Price County is historically during the first week of October. 

Paddling/Flambeau River 

The river is iced over. It typically thaws in late-March or early-April. 
The North Fork of the Flambeau River is controlled by dams and it generally remains near the ordinary high water mark throughout the summer. The South Fork of the Flambeau and other rivers in the area can become quite low at times during the summer months without consistent rain. Whenever planning a paddling trip, always check with an area rental/shuttle/guide service for the most current conditions and to select a suitable stretch of river based on your experience.