DATE: August 19, 2014 TIME: 9:00 a.m.

PLACE: County Board Room 101; 126 Cherry St; Phillips, WI 54555

There will be a meeting of the Price County Board of Supervisors at the time and place indicated.  The meeting is open to the public pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 19, Subchapter V. (Open Meeting Law).


Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Approve minutes of the June 17, 2014 meeting

Communications and Announcements

Public Comments


  1. The Power of Tourism - Drew Nussbaum, Regional Tourism Specialist with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism
  2. Friends of Fred Smith Annual Report
  3. Park Falls Area Community Development Corporation Annual Report
  4. Veteran’s Services Annual Report


  1. Discontinue Payment in Full of Special Assessments, Special Charges and Delinquent Utilities as Part of the August Tax Settlement (Executive Committee)
  2. Dissolution of Northwest Long Term Care District Pursuant to Wis. Stats. §46.2895(13) Upon Satisfaction of Conditions (Executive Committee)
  3. Opposition to Proposed Lapse in State Funding to Circuit Court System (Executive Committee)
  4. Change in Scope of 2014 Capital Projects to be Financed with Short-term Debt (Courthouse Windows and Doors / Highway Office Building) (Executive Committee)
  5. Sale of County Owned Land – Lake Duroy (Govt Lot 1, S8, T37N) (Executive Committee)
  6. Sale of County Owned Land – Highway Department – Town of Prentice (SWNW, S12, T35N, R1E) (Highway & Transportation and Executive Committees)
  7. Price County Land Conservation and Zoning (River Protection Grant Program) (Land Use & UWEX Committee)
  8. Amend Ordinance No. 4-79 (Zoesch Rezone) (Land Use and UWEX Committee)
  9. Revise the Price County Employee Handbook and Personnel Administration Manual (Personnel)
  10. Ratify the 2014 Price County Jailers’ Union Contract (Personnel) amended August 15, 2014; 12:15 p.m.

Reports on File:

  1. Price County Child Support Agency – 2013 Annual Report


  1. Corrected supporting documents to Resolution 31-14 – 2014 Non-Represented, Regular Employee and Casual Employee Wage Schedules

Convene to Committee of the Whole:

Department Issues:

  1. 2015 Budget Review and Parameters amended August 13, 2014; 4:25 p.m.
  2. Committee Chair Reports
    1. Buildings & Grounds/Dams
    2. Forestry & Parks/Tourism
    3. Health and Human Services Board
    4. Highway & Transportation
    5. Land Use/UW Extension
    6. Law Enforcement
    7. Personnel



    8. Executive
      1. County Administrator Status (job description, recruiting, etc.)
      2. Fifield Property Update
      3. ITBEC Update
      4. WCA Resolutions

Convene out of Committee of the Whole


Date of Next Meeting: September 23, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. in the County Board Room


_Robert Kopisch___ Posted: Date: August 6, 2014 Time: 11:20 a.m.

Robert Kopisch, County Board Chair

C: Price County Review WNBI/WPFP Corporation Counsel

Posting locations: Courthouse bulletin board, Normal Building bulletin board, Park Falls Public Library, Phillips Public Library, Ogema Public Library

The Board reserves the right to take appropriate action on any item timely noticed on this agenda. Persons having a disability may request special accommodations in keeping with ADA requirements. Requests will be kept confidential. Please contact the County Clerk’s office at 339-3325.