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Park Falls Outreach Office
698 South 4th Avenue
(715) 762-3125

104 S. Eyder Avenue
Phillips, WI
(715) 339-3054
FAX/TDD (715) 339-3057

Prentice Outreach Office

1109 Railroad Avenue
(715) 428-2744




The mission of the Price County Public Health is to provide comprehensive, efficient, effective in-home and community health care on an intermittent basis for all citizens in Price County, and to contribute to individual, family and community wellness for all Price County residents.


What is Public Health? Public health is an organized set of activities aimed at promoting optimal health for individuals; protecting communities, families and individuals from communicable disease and potential health hazards and preventing or controlling chronic and acute illness.

The official local health department is the focal point for the delivery of public health services. There are many other public and voluntary health and social service agencies whose work requires coordination with the local health department. This relationship enhances a public health delivery system. It is the responsibility of the local health department to assure that all available health resources are being used effectively and efficiently for the purpose of maintaining or improving the public's health in the community as a whole.

To accomplish this purpose, local governments provide, through an organized health department, certain basic public health services which include:

Diet/ Nutrition

Hunger Resource Guide click to view

Hunger Resource Guide Tri-fold

Heart Healthy Eating
Diet & Exercise - A winning combination
Vitamin & Nutrients
Weight Loss
Sports Nutrition
Nutrition During Pregnancy
Eating Disorders
Infant Feeding
Breast Feeding
Toddler Nutrition
Food Safety
Nutrition on the Run
Food Guide Pyramid
Special Medical Diets

Maternal/ Child Health
Preconception Health
Birth Control Methods
Reproductive Health
Well Baby Care
New Born Visits
HealthCheck-Well Child Programs
Prenatal Case Management
Birth to Three Early Intervention
Fluoride Program
Reproductive Health
School Health
Targeted Case Management

Environmental Health
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention & Assessment Program
Environmental Health Program
Radon Testing

Rabies prevention
Home Safety
Child-Proofing your Home
MA Outreach Activities

Women's Health Initiatives
Wisconsin Well Women's Program (WWWP)

Women's Health Alliance (Informational Brochure)

Registration Form


Chronic Diseases
Price County Tobacco Smoke Free Coalition
Cholesterol Counts
Breast Self Exam
Cancer in Wisconsin / Price County

Communicable Diseases
Communicable Disease Report
AIDS(HIV) Counseling & Testing/ Partner Referral
AIDS/HIV Community Education
Basic Infection Control
Hand Washing
Blood borne Pathogens
Childhood Illness
Childhood Immunization
Adult Immunization
Hepatitis A, B, C, D
Lyme Disease
All Communicable Diseases by Topic