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704 North Lake Avenue Phillips,  WI  54555
Phone: (715) 339-3081         Fax: (715) 339-2381
Office Hours
Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Don Grande
Highway Commissioner

Joe Baratka
Highway Patrol Superintendent
Cathy Moritz
Office Manager
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State of Wisconsin DOT Winter Maintenance Policy Excerpts

The goal of the Price County Highway Department is to provide a safe, cost effective transportation infrastructure to the tax payers of Price County as well as the traveling public.  Under Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 83, the Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of about 221 miles of County roadway and 345 lane-miles of State roadway.

The Price County Highway Department strives to provide quality efficient services, while at the same time providing quality contracted services with other governmental entities to reduce dependence on County tax levy dollars.


1. What time of day does the snow plowing and winter maintenance begin during a snowstorm?

Typically, the snow plow drivers are in their trucks and in route to their designated snow plow sections at 4:00 am. This occurs when the storm is a multi-day event or when the snow fall continues beyond the time when the snow plow driver ends their day on the previous day. Otherwise, their normal daily start time is 7:00 am. If the storm is continuing or conditions are poor enough to warrant it, the drivers will remain on their routes until 8:00 pm.

2. During winter maintenance, why is salt used on the State highways and a sand / salt mixture used on the county highways?

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is the authority in charge of maintenance of the State highways and their statewide policy is to use straight rock salt to assist in melting ice and snow from those pavements. Price County is the authority in charge of the maintenance of the County highways and that policy requires use of a sand / salt mixture with 5% salt. Using only the salt increases the de-icing rate of the roadways, but at a much higher cost than the sand / salt mixture. The price per ton of salt is $65.00 and the price per ton for the sand/salt mixture is only $17 per ton.

3. Why isn’t the pavement showing on my road?

Price County does not have a bare road policy on the County Highway system. Salt / sand is applied at hills, curves and intersection to aid in traction. Salt / sand is an abrasive not a deicer.

4. Why didn’t I see a snow plow on my road?

The typical plow section is 40 – 60 lane miles. The plows cannot safely exceed 25 – 35 mph while engaged in winter maintenance operations. This results in an average cycle time of 3-4 hours per round. Often times the plow may have been through and will not be back at that particular section for 3 – 4 hours.

5. Why doesn’t the state road get plowed 24 hours a day?

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation contracts with the Price County Highway Department to provide maintenance in the winter and summer months. The policies that govern maintenance are established by the state and followed by the counties. The state determines what roads receive 24 hour coverage based on the classification of each highway. Price County currently has class 4 and 5 road and the policy calls for 18 hours of continuous coverage. 

6. What happens if I encounter black ice?

Contact the Highway Department Office at (715) 339-3081 during regular business hours. If the office is closed try clicking here to report on a road condition, or please contact the Price County Sheriff’s Department and they will notify the on call highway supervisor.

7. When is the monthly Highway Committee meeting?

The public meeting is typically held at 9:00 am on the second Wednesday of each month at the Phillips Highway facility. Interested individuals should contact the Highway Department Office at (715) 339-3081 to confirm that the meeting has not been cancelled, rescheduled or moved to a different location.











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