Recycling and Garbage site on Evergreen Drive.  Open every Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.


Dog licenses are issued by the town treasurer.

Must provide proof of rabies vaccination to receive license.

License Fee: Neutered & Spayed - $5.00

                   Un-neutered & un-spayed - $10.00

                   Kennel up to 12 dogs - $35.00 & 

                                $3.00 for each add'l dog



Property Tax Collection: All current year property taxes are paid to Town of Emery Treasurer through July 31                

***Real Estate Property Taxes (Amounts of $100.00 or more)

      First Installment 25% due January 31

      Second Installment 25% due April 30

      Third Installment 50% due July 31

      ***All Real Estate Taxes under $100.00,  all Personal Property Taxes, Special Charges and Dog Taxes are due January 31


v Alternative Option:  Pay your taxes in full by January 31


v Alternative Option:  Pay 50% of your taxes by January 31 and 50% by July 31 

 When utilizing this option, you must add the first two installments as printed on the tax bill stubs.  Failure to do so will result in a delinquency status because of pennies.

  All payments of Current year taxes are to be paid to the Town Treasurer

PENALTY AND INTEREST:  Pursuant to Wisconsin Statute Section 74.47, interest and penalty of  1.5% per month on the whole unpaid balance and will be charged from February 1

regardless of when the tax due becomes delinquent. 

No matter what installment is missed, the total unpaid balance becomes due and payable and is subject to interest and penalty from February 1 

option to pay in installments is lost.


Real Estate & Personal Prop Tax Amounts



Pay Taxes with Credit Card or with eCheck

Credit Card Logos


Credit Card Fees:

 (fees are not retained by the town)

Credit Card 2.39% Minimum $1.50  

    EChecks $1.50 Up to $5000.00,

 $5.95 over $5,000.00

 After authorization of your payment,
you will be given a confirmation number that you should keep for your records.

 The Tax ID  is located upper right corner of your tax bill or on your payment stubs at the bottom of you tax bill.(1-5 digits)


Toll Free Phone Payment Number for Property Taxes



Lottery Credit Form

Lottery Credit Form-Upcoming Year (link to fill-in form)         (sign and turn this form to County Treasurer by January 31 for credit to show on next year's tax bill)

Late Claim Lottery Credit Form

Submit form to STATE  Dept of Revenue after January 31
Use this form if no Lottery and Gaming Credit was applied to the tax bill and date is after: January 31st .

Submit to Dept of Revenue by October 1st

Assessors/Assessment Info

Tax Rates

Town-City-Village Info


Fire Warden - Burning Permits




The Town Hall
The Town Hall of Emery Wisconsin



  • 12 miles east of Phillips on County Rd. D

  • 12 miles west of Brantwood on County Rd. D

      Population:  297




  Reggie Distin
   W3114 Martin's Dr
   Phillips, WI 54555



        Collects current year property taxes through July 31st

   Jodi Podmolik
   N8058 River Rd
   Phillips, WI  54555


         Town Board:

   Chairman:   Dale Houdek                715-339-3307
   Supervisor: Nathan Stanke              715-820-0409
   Supervisor: Wayne VanDeVoort     715-339-3380


Michael Schnautz
N15375 Partridge Rd
Park Falls, WI  54552


                               Sites of Interest:                                        

  • Recycling and Garbage site on Evergreen Drive.  Open every Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
  • Boat Landing Park on Musser Lake. There is a new pavilion with no overnight parking. Tables and grills are provided.
  • Cemetery next to the town hall
  • Ball Park
  • East Highland Bed and Breakfast with Historical Museum

                        Other Points of Interest:

  • Chequamegon National Forest with 14,471 acres and 52 miles of roads within
  • 893 acres of state land
  • 15 streams & 1 lake
  • 32 miles of roadway
  • 31 miles of snowmobile trails (town roads are not open to ATV or snowmobile traffic)
  • Lots of wildlife

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