Property Taxes

Use this link to view 2nd Half Taxes Due 2020 LIST- Full County  in alphabetical order by owner name for                                    2nd half/July installment taxes due  Does not include delinquent taxes                                                                                                 Includes all towns except for 3-installment towns of Catawba, Emery, Georgetown, Harmony, Lake, Ogema, Village Prentice & City  Phillips Click here Tax Amounts Due Lists to view the individual towns lists for 3-installment towns. 

  • If paying ONLINE must initiate the payment by 11:00 pm July 31st (Friday) to be considered timely.                                                              Pay online using Paymentus   or  Pay online using Point n Pay
  • If MAILING payment, must be POSTMARKED by JULY 31st to be considered timely.
  • If payment is not in our hands by August 5th taxes will become DELINQUENT and subject to INTEREST & PENALTY
  • Towns of: Catawba, Emery, Lake, Ogema, Village of Prentice and City of Phillips must pay July installment to the        Town treasurer not the county.
  • Delinquent Tax Listing with Interest through 7.31.2020

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