Property Tax Payment Information

Tax Payments to Price County 

                 1. By mail toPrice County Treasurer, 126 Cherry St  Phillips, WI 54555
                 2. In Person: Room 105,  Mon - Thursday  8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Friday 8:00 am - Noon  
                 3. Drop box located on building near handicap parking in parking lot
                 4. Online through Point and Pay Pay Price County

  Pay Price County Treasurer for:


  • January 31 - Pay in Full or 1st half taxes postmarked by January 31 
  •  April 30 -     Pay 2nd installment for multiple installment municipalities to municipality postmarked no later than April 30
  •  July 31 -       Pay 2nd installment taxes to Price County Treasurepostmarked no later than July 31
  • Link to Postponed (April & July installments due)Taxes Due List by Municipality Postponed Taxes due by Municipality

MULTIPLE INSTALLMENT Tax Payments (3 installments)

ONLINE PAYMENT LINKS for Multiple Installment Towns

ALL CURRENT year taxes (Dec - July) payable to the town/city/village treasurer for:  

Towns of Emery, Lake, Village of Prentice & City of Phillips   

  • 1st Installment – 25% due January 31
  • 2nd Installment – 25% due April 30
  •  3rd Installment – 50% due July 31
  • All Real Estate Taxes under $100, MFL, Personal Property Taxes, Special Assessments/charges  are due January 31
  • Alternative Option 1: Pay taxes in full by January 31
  • Alternative Option 2: Pay 50% of taxes by January 31 and 50% by July 31. (when using this option add  January and April stubs together to insure correct payment)Failure to do so may result in a delinquency status due to payment being short.

    Town of Catawba 

  • 1st installment - 10% due January 31
    2nd installment - 40% due April 30
    3rd installment - 50% due July 31                                          



  • Mailed in a properly addressed envelope
  • Postmarked on or before the due date of January 31, April 30 (3-installment towns), July 31, postage prepaid or paid online
  • Received by proper treasurer(in hand) within 5 days after the due date of January 31, April 30 (3-installment towns), July 31  
  • Online payments initiated by January 31, April 30 (3-installment towns) & July 31 with credit card, debit card and E-check .                                                             It takes 3 days for payment to arrive at the bank (in our hands).
  • If you choose to use your bank's BILL PAY option, be aware that these checks are mailed from out of state by third party processors without a postmark. The confirmation information from the bank is not acceptable proof of a timely payment.     We must have an envelope with a postmark or letter from the post office to prove the payment was mailed by January 31 & July 31st and a postal delay is responsible for late payment per WI Statute 74.69 
  • Payment must be received within 5 business days of January 31, April 30 & July 31 to be considered timely.
     WI Stats 74.69(1) states "Whenever any one of the due dates is missed, the entire remaining balance becomes due subject to interest & penalty calculated back to February 1 at the rate of 1.5% per month until tax is paid". 
  •  Pursuant to Wisconsin Statute Section 74.47, interest and penalty of 1.5% per month on the whole unpaid balance until paid and will be charged from February 1 regardless of when tax becomes delinquent. Option to pay in installments is lost.    Interest Schedule  (pdf)

When making payment online or postmarking envelope after February 2, May 2 or Aug 2 payment will not be received timely (within 5 days of due date) and will be considered delinquent - subject to interest and penalty at the rate of 1.5% per month.

February interest is 1.5%, March 3%, April 4.5%, August 10.5% etc. WI Stat 74.47, 74.11(11), 74.12(10)


                                                                                  PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES

  • Tax bills are mailed by the town, city & village treasurers by December 15th
  • Per Wisconsin State Law, failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve owner of liability. 
  • Please call or email as soon as possible if you do not receive your tax bill. 
  • It is the responsibility of the owner to notify the treasurer of address changes.   
  • Include Tax ID # or "tear-off" stub with payment to ensure payment is properly applied
  • To receive a copy of tax receipt, include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with payment
  • No refunds for overpayment of $5 or less
  • Delinquency notices are mailed twice each year in March and September                           


If real estate taxes remain unpaid for 2 years from time of Issuance of Tax Certificate September 1, Price County Treasurer will begin the In Rem Foreclosure process starting with the publication of the 2nd year taxes in the Price County Review newspaper the first week of April.  Title searches start in December following April publication, title search fee will be added to taxes.
In Rem Tax Deed

Pay Town-City-Village online for 1st Installment/Full Payment for Current Tax Year 

Fees apply : eCheck $1.50,  VISA debit - $3.95  Credit Card - 2.39% -3%

MUNICIPALITY                                     LINK to Pay Online                                          

Town of Catawba                         Pay Town of Catawba Dec - July                
Town of Emery                              Pay Town of Emery Dec - July                             
Town of Eisenstein                      Pay Town Eisenstein Dec & Jan                                 
Town of Elk                                    Pay Town of Elk Dec & Jan                       
Town of Fifield                              Pay Town of Fifield online                        
Town of Flambeau                       Pay Town of Flambeau         
Town Georgetown                       Pay Town Georgetown online
Town of Harmony                        Pay Town of Harmony online                        
Town of Hackett                          Pay Town of Hackett Dec & Jan              
Town of Kennan                           Pay Town of Kennan Dec & Jan               
Town of Knox                                Pay Town of Knox Dec & Jan                  
Town of Lake                                 Pay Town of Lake Dec - July                  
Town of Ogema                            Pay Town of Ogema Online     

Town of Prentice                          Pay Town of Prentice Dec & Jan online
Town of Spirit                                Pay Town of Spirit Dec & Jan                
Town of Worcester                       Pay Town of Worcester Dec & Jan    

Village of Catawba                       Pay Village of Catawba online
Village of Prentice                        Pay Village of Prentice Dec - July          
City of Park Falls                           Pay City Park Falls Dec & Jan              
City of Phillips                               Pay City of Phillips Dec-July