Design of Sanitary Privy

Minimum Design of Sanitary Privy
A privy must maintain the following minimum distances from these described structures to itself:
  • Dwelling: 25 feet
  • Lake or water course: 75 feet
  • Lot line: 25 feet
  • Well: 50 feet
A pit privy must maintain a minimum distance of 3 feet from the bottom of the pit to high ground water as determined by direct observation or as indicated using standard soil testing procedures. The Zoning Administrator shall determine the depth to high ground water as a part of the permit approval process. A soil boring report from a CST will also suffice as proof of depth to ground water. In no cases shall the pit exceed a depth of 52 inches.

Vaulted Privy
A vaulted privy shall be required when ever a pit can not be dug so as to maintain a distance of three feet above high ground water from the bottom of the pit. The vault shall be constructed so as to provide a water tight seal. If it is to be constructed of poured concrete, a key way must be poured between the floor and side walls.

The contents must be pumped by a licensed septic hauler when every necessary. Other approved vault materials include tar coated drums and plastic barrels. The vault shall have a minimum size of 200 gallons.

Privy Construction
The structure shall be designed of durable weather proof materials. It shall be constructed so that it is well ventilated and fly-tight. The inside walls and floor shall be finished so that they are easily cleanable. The finished grade around the building shall slope away from the building in all directions for at least 2 feet. The pit must be provided with a vent that extends through the roof. The seat hole must be provided with a lid.