Town of Flambeau


  • Town of Flambeau
    N11195 Town Hall Rd
    Phillips WI 54555
    Ph: 715-339-3114
  • Population - 489
  • Website
  • Map

Town Departments / Offices

  • Clerk / Treasurer: Jamie Soberg
    W9301 River Rd
    Phillips, WI  54555
    Ph: 715-339-7184
  • Assessor: Michael Schnautz Assessments
     PO Box 47
     Clam Lake, WI 54517
    Ph: 715-266-2409
  • Zoning: Price County Zoning Department

Town Board Members

  • Chairman: John Slaby
    N10564 South Fork Rd 
    Phillips, WI 54555
    Ph: 715-482-9248
  • Supervisor: Roy Boushon
    N10513 Lower Price Lake Rd 
    Phillips, WI  54555
    Ph: 715-332-5112
  • Supervisor: Mike Galloway
    W9083 Crane Chase Rd
    Phillips, WI 54555
    Ph: 715-492-7086 


To view the Open Book and Board of Review schedule, please click here.

Location: Flambeau Town Hall  N11195 Town Hall Rd 

imagesPAY DOG LICENSE ONLINE dog licenses are issued by Sheriff's Dept Humane Officer or can be completed online. Have rabies vaccination information available  

Property Tax Collection

  • 1st half  or full payment due by January 31 payable to:                                                      Town of Flambeau Treasurer, W9301 River Rd Phillips WI 54555
  • 2nd half payment due by July 31 payable to:                                                                                      Price County Treasurer,126 Cherry St, Room 105; Phillips, WI 54555 
  • July Payment Due List    
  • Delinquent Tax Listing  
  • All real estate taxes under $100, personal property taxes, MFL and special charges are due in FULL by January 31 to the Town 


 Pay Tax to Town of Flambeau Online

Pay the 1st half or full payment to Town of Flambeau Treasurer by January 31  There is a 3% fee charged for credit card, VISA Debit $3.95 and Echeck $1.50  for which the taxpayer is responsible. Point n Pay retains the fee.

Missed or Late Payment

If any  installment payments is missed or not paid by due date:

  •  The entire unpaid balance of taxes becomes delinquent and subject to 1.5% per month interest/penalty  
  • option to pay in installments is lost.  
  • Pursuant to Wisconsin Statute Section 74.47, interest and penalty of 1.5% per month on the whole unpaid balance and will be charged from February 1 regardless of when the tax due becomes delinquent. No matter what installment is missed, the total unpaid balance becomes due and payable and is subject to interest and penalty from February 1 option to pay in installments is lost.
  • Interest and penalty cannot be waived except due to postal error