Other Committees & Boards

Board of Canvassers - Elections

Jean Gottwald *       Kay Evers-Pluemer Shirley Smith   
Condemnation Commission

Larry Foltz Gregory Krug Michael Mader  

George Martin Daniel Meives Stephen Weddle  
Board of Ethics 

County Board Chair or Designee Rick Morgan Vacant  
Price County Economic Development Association

Bobbie Damrow Dale Heikkinen Jim Hintz  

Bob Kopisch Charles Peterson Tom Ratzlaff

Scott Raab Dennis Rodewald* Ginny Strobl
Price County Library Board

Ed Busby Jane Holm Mary Jesunas Jana Lallemont 

Bruce Marshall Kathy Parpart Lucille Ross
Price-Taylor Rail Trail Corridor Commission

Don Alberts Marvin Kuenne* Troy Larson Dave Lemke

Bob Meyer Bruce Meyer Mike Roiger (alt) James Tauschek
Zoning Board of Adjustment

Jerry Blomberg Daniel Haupert Marijane Koupy* Martin Kascewicz

Dave Wagner Ginny Strobl (ald) James Yunk (alt)  
Other County Representation
ADRC District Board Travis Nez    
Community Care of Central Wisconsin
Long Term District Board
Robert Kopisch    
Concentrated Employment Program (CEP) Mary Jesunas    
Friends of Fred Smith Robert Kopisch    
Indianhead Federated Library Board Ronald McLaughlin    
NEWCOM Jim Adolph    
NorthernBridges Long Term Care Dist. Board Robert Kopisch    
Northwoods Trail Transit Commission Robert Kopisch Ron Heikkinen  
NTC District Board Robert Kopisch    
NWITBEC Board Robert Kopisch    
NWITBEC Economic Development Committee Dale Heikkinen    
NWITBEC Tourism Committee Kathy Reinhard    
NWR Economic Development Fund Adm. Comm. Larry Foltz    
NWR - Visions NW Jenny LaChance    
Park Falls Area Community Development Assn. Robert Kopisch    
Park Falls TIF District Board Robert Kopisch    
Phillips Library Board Bruce Marshall  
Phillips TIF District Board Robert Kopisch    
Prentice TIF District Board Bruce Jilka  
Price County Revolving Fund Board Robert Kopisch    
* Designates Committee Chairperson