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  • Peter Dahlie, Physician Member
  • Sally Huml, Citizen Member
  • Suzanne Ocker, Registered Nurse Member
  • Gerald Swenson, Citizen Member

Additional Board Information


Authorizing legislation for Health and Human Services Board (HHSB) composition, appointment, terms, as well as powers and duties is found in Wisconsin State Statutes §46.23 and §251.

This board shall consist of nine (9) members, all of whom have recognized ability and have demonstrated interest in health and human services. Five (5) members shall be County Board Supervisors and four (4) members shall be citizens-at-large. At least one (1) citizen-at-large member shall be an individual who receives or has received human services or shall be a family member of such an individual. No public or private provider of services may be appointed to the county health and human services board. A good-faith attempt will be made to have equal representation from the northern, central, and southern geographic regions of Price County. In appointing the members who are not elected officials or employees, a good-faith effort shall be made to appoint a registered nurse and a physician. The Chair and Vice Chair shall be County Board Supervisor members.


All members of the HHSB are appointed by the County Administrator, subject to confirmation by the County Board of Supervisors per Wisconsin State Statute §46.23(4)(b)(2). Appointment shall occurs at the November meeting of the County Board for expiring terms; at the April organizational meeting of the County Board in election years; and following a vacancy on the Health and Human Services Board due to resignation or removal.


Members of the Health and Human Services Board shall serve for terms of three (3) years. Terms will be staggered so that one-third of the members shall have expiring terms each year. Terms shall begin on January 1 and extend through December 31 of the third year. Vacancies in terms shall be filled by appointment and for the length of the unexpired term. There are no term limits identified for Health and Human Services Board members.

A Health and Human Services Board member elected to the board may be removed from office for the following reasons:
• For cause, by a two-thirds vote of each County Board of supervisors participating in the appointment on due notice in writing and hearing of the charges against the member; and
• If the member, when appointed, was a member of the County Board of supervisors and was not reelected to that office, on due notice in writing.

Meetings of the Board

Meetings of the Health and Human Services Board shall be held at a minimum quarterly and may meet more frequently based upon need. The agenda is the responsibility of the Health and Human Services Board Chair. Each Unit Manager will have direct access to the Health and Human Services Board by recommending items for inclusion on the agenda, subject to the chair’s approval.

Powers and Duties

The Health and Human Services Board shall have all the powers and duties ascribed to it under Wisconsin State Statutes §46.23(5m)(a)-(g) and §251.04(1)-(8) as well as any other related statutes, codes, administrative rules and local ordinances. Consistent with a HHSB appointed under Wisconsin State Statute §46.23(4)(b)(2), the Health and Human Services Board shall:

1. Appoint committees consisting of County residents to advise the HHSB as it deems necessary.
2. Recommend program priorities and policies, identify unmet service needs and prepare short-term and long-term plans and budgets for meeting such priorities and needs.
3. Prepare, with the assistance of the Human Services Director, proposed and final budgets as defined in Wisconsin State Statute §46.23(5m)(c).
4. Advise the Human Services Director regarding purchasing and providing services and the selection of purchase or service vendors and make recommendations to the County Administrator regarding modifications in such purchasing, providing and selection.
5. Develop HHSB operating procedures.
6. Comply with State requirements.
7. Assist in arranging cooperative working agreements with persons providing health, education, vocational or welfare services related to services provided under Wisconsin State Statute §46.23.
8. Assess public health needs and advocate for the provision of reasonable and necessary public health services.
9. Develop policy and provide leadership that fosters local involvement and commitment that emphasizes public health needs per Wisconsin State Statute §251.04(6)(b).
10. Assure that measures are taken to provide a healthy environment for individuals per Wisconsin State Statute §251.04(7).
11. Shall recommend appointment of a Health Officer to the County Board Chair. The Health Officer must meet the qualifications set forth in Wisconsin State Statute §251.06. The appointment, made by the County Board Chair, requires confirmation by a simple majority vote of the County Board and is subject to the personnel policies and procedures established by the County Board.
12. Provides governance and oversight to the Animal Control Program.
13. Keep informed on issues regarding County health and human services and function as a conduit for issues requiring County Board action.