What documents are needed to apply for the declaration of domestic partnership (to establish the domestic partnership)?
Each applicant must bring in the following documents:
  • Certified copy of birth certificates. In rare instances, if it would be impossible for an applicant to obtain a certified copy of his or her birth certificate, the County Clerk has the discretion to accept another form of identification (example: foreign passport or immigration document). Applicants should apply for a copy of birth certificates far in advance of the date of application for the domestic partnership. Failure to apply in time for a copy of the birth certificate is not a sufficient reason for the County Clerk to waive this requirement. If an applicant was born outside of Wisconsin, view the following website. Applicants cannot use a photocopy of a certified copy of a birth certificate or a hospital souvenir birth record. Neither of these is legally acceptable as a substitute for a true certified copy of a birth certificate.
  • Current (non-expired) Photo Identification.
  • Proof of residency. If the photo ID does not contain the current address, the applicant may bring in a dated utility bill or government correspondence if it is addressed to the applicant (by name) with the applicant’s street address (mail sent to a post office box doesn’t fulfill this requirement).
  • Proof of how last domestic partnership or marriage ended. If an applicant was in a prior legal domestic partnership in Wisconsin (filed under the provisions of the 2009 Domestic Partnership Law, Wis. Stat. chapter 770) or if an applicant was previously married, the applicant must supply documentary evidence of how the last legal domestic partnership or marriage ended.
  • Each applicant must provide his or Social Security Number (if the applicant has a Social Security Number). This is a statutory requirement for all vital records. The Social Security Number may only be used in connection with Social Security Administration programs and for child support enforcement programs.
If you have any questions, please contact the County Clerk.

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