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Phillips School Forest Trail


Silent Sports Trail Map (PDF)

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  1. Biking
  2. Cross-Country Skiing
  3. Fat Biking
  4. Hiking
  5. Snowshoeing


There two separate very scenic trail systems located in the Phillips School Forest. The cross-country ski trails consist of 5 loops ranging from gently rolling to steep climbs and winds through a diverse forest and an open meadow. Loop 1 is an intermediate loop, loops 2, 3, and 4 are expert with uphill climbs, and loop 5 is good for beginners. There is a separate trail system for snowshoeing and fat biking. No fee required.


Cross-Country Ski and Hiking & Mtn. Biking - 3.5 miles / 5.6 km; Snowshoeing & Fat Biking and Hiking & Mtn. Biking - 3.4 miles / 5.47 km

Trail Type


Skill Level

Easy to difficult

Aerobic Level

Easy to difficult

Fat Biking

In the winter, fat Bikes are welcome on the singletrack trail which is groomed for fat biking. Fat bikes are not allowed on the groomed cross-country ski trails.

Hiking & Biking

From spring through fall the entire trail system is open to hiking and biking. The trails that are used for skiing in the winter provide a wide mowed grass surface including a few challenging hills for hiking and biking in the summer. The singletrack trail that is groomed for fatbiking and snowshoeiing in the winter is a narrow and curvy trail through the woods. 

Cross-Country Skiing

The trail is groomed for diagonal and skate skiing by the Flambeau Nordic Ski Club.


There are five (5) designated singletrack snowshoe trails that are groomed and packed for fat biking, which makes them perfect for snowshoe running.  Snowshoeing is not allowed on the groomed cross-country ski trails.