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Open Records Request

  1. Price County Sheriff's Office

    Open Records Request
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  3. Information About Accident Report Requests:
    If you are an involved party in an accident and are requesting an accident report, you will only be provided with your information. Per the Driver's Privacy Protection Act of 1994, information on the other driver must be redacted. If you require an unredacted copy, you may purchase one through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. If you are a representative from an insurance company or an attorney representing one of the parties involved in the accident, you will be provided with an unredacted copy of the accident report.
  4. Individuals Involved
    List any individuals involved in the incident that will help us to locate it.
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    Your request may be subject to redaction or may not be available for release at this time.
  9. We cannot email Photographs, Audio Recordings or Video Recordings. Should you choose to receive those types of records, charges may apply. Also, should you choose to have your request sent to you via US mail, charges may apply.
  10. Should we be unable to fulfill your request, an explanation will be sent to you.
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