Elder Abuse / Neglect Services

Price County Health & Human Services is the lead elder abuse agency for Price County. The agency will investigate reports of abuse and neglect and arrange services as needed and desired. Services may include stress reducers for families.

What is Elder or Vulnerable Adult Abuse and Neglect?
  • Elder At Risk: a person aged 60+ years old experiencing abuse or neglect
  • Adult at Risk: a person age 18-59 years old who has a physical, cognitive or mental impairment that restricts his or her ability to care for his/her needs and is experiencing abuse or neglect

Types of Abuse
  -Physical and emotional abuse is the willful infliction of physical or emotional pain, injury or unreasonable confinement. This includes physical, sexual and verbal abuse, medication misuse or trying/locking a person up, intimidation and threatening or harassing.

  -Financial exploitation is the misuse use of a vulnerable adult’s money or property. It includes deception, diverting income, mismanagement of funds and taking money or possessions against a person’s will.

  -Neglect occurs when a caregiver’s failure to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, supervision, medical or dental care results in significant danger to the physical or mental health of a vulnerable person in their care.

  -Self-neglect means there is a significant danger to a vulnerable person’s physical or mental health because they are unable or fail to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, medical or dental care.

Self-Determination is Our Philosophy

Competent adults have the right to Self-Determination. Therefore, our goal is to minimize safety risks and help the individual maintain as much independence as possible.

How to Help
Concerned citizens should report their concern to Price County Human Services or to the Aging & Disability Resource Center of the North. Provide as much detail as possible including names, age, address of victim and abuser. Reporters can request to be anonymous and are always kept confidential.

Protect yourself and others from abuse and scams by talking with your friends and family.

What Happens After a Report?
  • Reports are reviewed and investigations occur based on nature, scope and severity of the allegations.
  • Social Worker investigates into the facts, intervenes and provides services as needed and accepted.
  • Emergency responses for protection, housing, food and physical/mental health
  • Links with appropriate community resources such as nutrition program, case management, home health services, hospice, respite care, domestic violence shelter, financial counseling, public benefits, legal services or law enforcement.

For more information or to report abuse, please contact us at 715-339-2158.

Other ways to report abuse:

  • Call the Elder Abuse Hotline
    • 1-833-586-0107
  • File a report online
  • If an emergency, call 911 or 715-339-3011  (Sheriff's office dispatch)


How do I report fraud?

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